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Like the weather lately, the past week has been schizophrenic for me. Handsome Hunk and I took advantage of the great weather to explore the city last weekend and soak up some spring, snapping a few photos of buildings and grit along the way.

On Easter Sunday at sunrise, my book club friend Claudia died after her husband opened the windows to let the spring air in. She’d had enough. Parkinson’s had ravaged her body and left it vulnerable to other ailments. I have a feeling that Claudia was a “handful” all her life: she definitely was a


spitfire who always had something unique to contribute to our discussions and much to our delight, she rarely minced words. She served in the Peace Corps, became a social worker and was a creative spirit who loved and participated in all the arts. There have been several times in the past few years that we thought beautiful Claudia was near death, but she always rallied and I never thought of her as sickly. We’ll truly miss you Claudia. I bet at every book club someone will sigh and wonder what you would say.

Last Monday I flew to San Antonio on business with two male associates the age of my daughter. It’s quite the social experiment all that generational togetherness. We worked 9 hr days and ate Mexican food and drank “Top Shelf” tequilas every night, and they were the ones who declared themselves tired and wanting to head back to the hotel to crash. Personally all that “on time” with the clients wore thin with me too.

The Shrimp Pimp in our hotel parking lot in San Antonio, TX

So, this week is jam-packed with getting things done to leave on Friday to visit my grandchildren. I have a pile of new little baby and toddler clothes to take with me. I can’t wait for some little hugs and grimy-faced kisses. Gigi is on her way!

Here’s a little “gritty in the city” photography: