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Lisa, the creative, whimsical daughter of my closest friend, has recently embarked on a big venture…she’s opened her own shop and it’s a flower extravaganza! Take a look at Pot & Box to find out more. Anyway, Lisa read my previous post about looking for a coffee mug that has the electric teal color found in a peacock feather and next thing I know she sent me the link to the mug below.  I then investigated further and found more, more, more. How do I decide? Maybe I’ll have to buy them all to transport me to the Caribbean each morning when I have coffee. THANKS LISA. Oh, all of these charming mugs can be found at ETSY.

Reminds me of sand and sea!

Sand, sea, palms. LOVE this one!

Again, sand and sea.

This one has the many colors of the Caribbean!

And, the clear cobalt blue with the fish is beautiful.