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I’ve admired Julie Mehretu’s work for some time now, but I’m sitting up and taking more notice since I read an article about her, Abstract: The Art World, in the most recent issue of The New Yorker.

“Eighty feet long by twenty-three feet high, Julie Mehretu’s “Mural” dominates the entrance lobby of Goldman Sachs’s new steel-and-glass office building in lower Manhattan. Hundreds of precisely defined abstract shapes in saturated colors—small dots and squares, straight and curving lines, larger geometric or free-form shapes ranging from several inches to several feet in length—move across it in an oceanic sweep.”

It’s one of The New Yorker’s go-on-forever articles that I relish when I’m interested in the subject. Goldman Sachs has unpleasant connotations today, but Mehretu said that for her it’s about the art and the legacy of painting.

I’m looking forward to watching the PBS series, Art 21: Art in the Twenty-first Century via Netflix when I have time to savor it. She’s one of the featured artists in season 5,  “Systems.” Her work is built in layers with clear acrylic separating them: It must be fantastic to see in person.

Did you remember Earth Hour yesterday? For many years there were only two New York Times subscribers in our building, us and another couple about our age. The guys often run into each other in the lobby in the early morning when they pick up the papers. It was a nice surprise to open our NYTs yesterday and see an invitation to join them and others on their floor for an Earth Hour candlelit evening at their place. The city sparkled through the windows and the conversation flowed easily— an unexpected pleasure.

I can’t contain myself when it comes to color most of the time. Our apartment walls are multi-colored. The party last night was in an elegant putty-colored apartment. It looked serene, but ultimately it’s not a color I can live with on a daily basis. When I walked into our apartment at the end of the evening, I was suddenly struck by how eclectic ours seemed (maybe tacky?). And I doubted myself. Just yesterday when we were out and about I had started collecting color samples for repainting our main rooms once the weather gets better, so the seed was already planted to repaint. I’m thinking still colorful, but more muted. We shall see.

Speaking of color, we bought groceries yesterday and the colors of the fruit and the bowls handsome hunk chose made me smile, so here’s a little shot of color to liven up a drab weather weekend: