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Lisa, the creative, whimsical daughter of my closest friend, has recently embarked on a big venture…she’s opened her own shop and it’s a flower extravaganza! Take a look at Pot & Box to find out more. Anyway, Lisa read my previous post about looking for a coffee mug that has the electric teal color found in a peacock feather and next thing I know she sent me the link to the mug below.  I then investigated further and found more, more, more. How do I decide? Maybe I’ll have to buy them all to transport me to the Caribbean each morning when I have coffee. THANKS LISA. Oh, all of these charming mugs can be found at ETSY.

Reminds me of sand and sea!

Sand, sea, palms. LOVE this one!

Again, sand and sea.

This one has the many colors of the Caribbean!

And, the clear cobalt blue with the fish is beautiful.



Ta-da! I finally pulled out the fabric I purchased about a month ago at The Needle Shop and made two pillows for our bed. Every year or so, I paint the interior walls of our condo with different spot colors as a fix for my addiction to color. In our master bedroom, I’ve settled on a darkish taupe for three walls and a linen color for one wall and a nook. The taupe is a rich neutral that affords me the opportunity to switch accent colors on pillows and bedspreads when I get the urge for a change. For spring, we usually pull out the white chenille bedspread because it’s lightweight and looks fresh and crisp against the wall and cherry wood. Pink has been on my mind for this room, so I pounced on the graphic print fabric for these pillows. I’m happy with the way they turned out. Now on to my next sewing project—two dresses.

P.S. The Needle Shop has a store in Chicago and an online Etsy store.


This is a follow-up to an article I wrote a few weeks back, Inspired by: A Notion to Sew. I mentioned that I was itching to sew, and I’ve moved into action on this by selecting patterns and fabric. Each of the patterns in the above photo sits on the fabric for that dress. I think some accessories such as brightly colored belts could add a lot to the overall look of the dresses. Maybe some different colored straps for the blue dress. The plaid fabric has some stretch to it, and the blue fabric is a soft rayon, so I’m not sure if I should line it. I’ll have to do some research on that.

In the previous article I complained that it is tough to find inspiring fabrics, which I again found to be true. It takes some dedicated combing through bolts of fabrics at some of the stores here in Chicago. However, I did discover another fabric store, The Needle Shop, which is located nearby. You also can purchase fabrics from them online via Etsy. I haven’t had a chance to drop by their shop yet, but the fabrics look fun and contemporary. And, for sewing tips and inspiration, visit Sew Fashionable.

My daughter and family are visiting in May, so I’ll likely tackle these projects the end of May. I’ll unveil the finished products when I’m done. I hope they turn out the way I imagine they could. If you sew, I’d love to hear about your projects…pictures welcome.