In summer my husband and I like to switch to a lighter-weight bedspread of white chenille and today I thought I’d do a little web surfing to find a new chenille bedspread for a change of pace. As I looked through the photos of the beautiful pink vintage bedspreads on this site, I was swept back to my grandmother’s bedroom. I’d tiptoe into her room when she was busy in the kitchen and spend a lot of time when I was small just looking and smelling the wonderful grown-up items on the top of her dresser.

I dreamt of the day that I would be old enough to smear Deep Magic lotion on my face, use the small compact of rouge, douse myself with exotic perfume and smack my lips together and put a tissue between them to take off the excess lipstick. Sometimes Grandma would indulge me with a dab of rouge on my cheeks.

Of course, by time I was a young adult, these cosmetics were terribly old fashioned and we went more for the “natural” look. I’ve always felt a bit cheated and disappointed to miss the days of glamor.

A mirror and brush set was a necessity:

Elegant compacts of rouge that had a little powder puff inside:

Gorgeous perfume bottles with atomizers:

Lipstick in artistic tubes, some even had flip up mirrors on the side. There was a certain odor about lipstick back then:

But, even little girls could wear fancy sunglasses and I remember having a pair similar to these:

I miss my Grandmas. My other grandma always had a big squirty bottle of Jergens hand lotion on her kitchen counter. I keep one in my bathroom, and there isn’t a time I use it that I don’t think of her.  I wonder what memories our grandchildren will have of us.