Roller Derby was slightly different then I imagined. My only previous exposure was the 1972 movie, Kansas City Bomber, starring Raquel Welch.

Last night, the Windy City Rollers attracted their largest crowd ever, 3,977, to Saturday night’s season opening. It wasn’t quite the rough and tough, bitchy drama portrayed in the movie, but there was continuous action and ardent screeching fans.

Fun, campy half-time show.

Each 30-minute half consists of two minute jams. Skaters are jammers, pivots and blockers, and have campy names like Val Capone, Ruth Anasia and Red Zeppelin. It looked like great fun. I was itching to lace up a pair of skates and get into the action. My full name is Julia (thus Lia), so I was thinking maybe Julia Seizure.

Next week, we’re taking the adventure to the Cayman Islands. I have one toe dipped in the water already…actually in my fantasies I’m totally immersed. I checked the temperature there today, 84 degrees.

This isn't me. But next week at this time it will be. Can't you just feel the warm, soothing water?