Some things don’t go of style but stay elegant and fresh throughout the years. That’s how I feel about the Finnish Marimekko fabric designs

Marimekko fabric design originally introduced in 1960s

that first appeared in the U.S. in the 1960s.  As 2010 approached and I started to anticipate turning 60 in the coming year, I must have subconsciously started channeling the 1960s. Since it was time to do a bit of freshening up in the apartment and I had a new sewing machine, I selected two Marimekko prints (there’s a wide selection available at many places online) and made a reversible duvet to spice up our bedroom. We also bought a versatile hounds tooth area rug to liven up the living room.

Sometimes minor changes like these quell my restlessness for change in my surroundings—cheaper than a new place or a second home!  I’ll probably swap out new marble squares around the fireplace and put some different colors on the walls when the spirit moves me. And I would love, love, love to take out all the beige travertine marble in our master bath and replace it with white subway tiles that have a tinge of aqua to them.  I’m never quite satisfied since I  appreciate all types of décor—pastel colors, subtle and austere and lively colors, eclectic and homey.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have several houses in exotic places to explore all sides of your decorating personality?

New Marimekko fabric duvet, wild colorful side!

New Marimekko fabric duvet subtle, tranquil side.

My favorite configuration of the duvet...folded down over the pillow to expose the bright, colorful side!

Hounds tooth carpet gives a bit of spark to the living room.