Sha na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye to the Oh’s, the Aughts or whatever you call our current decade. I remember how jazzed we were to welcome it in. Handsome hunk and I joined the throngs of people at Chicago’s Navy Pier for fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2000. Actually there were fireworks upon fireworks upon fireworks (my version of heaven) as we looked down the Lake Michigan coastline to see all the celebrations illuminating the sky. Afterward, I toddled (hobbling the final few blocks) several miles home wearing high heels, no unoccupied cabs available. It was an exhilarating, glorious night.

Like all decades, the Ohs were a roller coaster. The dot com era flamed in and out so quickly it seems now like an illusion, though its technology increasingly dominates our lives. My husband and I were both out of a job for a year, overlapping six months during which time we watched in realtime horror as planes soared into the towers. Loss of loved ones, marriages, new little beings coming into our lives, travel and the realization that we aren’t young any longer—and that we aren’t old. Then there are the events that happened worldwide which will be chronicled in countless articles, blogs and TV shows this coming week. Sonny and Cher had it right, the beat goes on–whether you’re dancing to it or not.

Now it’s time to welcome the twenty-tens, the tens, the teens or whatever we end up dubbing this new decade. 2010 looks like a friendly number to me. I too will move into a new decade in another way since I was born in 1950. Vintage me.

My husband and I have decided that “ADVENTURE” will be our theme for 2010. It’s a wide open concept. Can you sum up your personal aspirations for this clean-slate, shiny, hopeful new year in one word?