I came across this intriguing article last spring and saved the link thinking that I would create my own list of Ten Things I’d Love to Tell My Younger Self. It’s still on my to do list and I’m thinking that it might be interesting to chunk it by decade and also include a list for me at my age today. Instead of waiting for me to get around to my list, I think it is worth sharing the original article with you. You can find the entire list of ten by clicking here.  Meanwhile, these were my favorites from the original article:

You are at least ten times prettier than you think you are.
That holds true no matter how pretty you already think you are! Don’t believe me? Ask your mother/auntie/grannie if she thought she was pretty when she was twenty. She’ll say no. Then find a photo of her at that age. See what I mean?

The only thing you should be faking is confidence.

If you don’t have it yet, pretend you do. In every new situation pretend you’re not nervous, pretend you’re not afraid. After a few times doing this, the pretend part disappears.

No matter how old you get, remember what it was like to be a nine-year old girl.
Remember the feeling of freedom. If you’ve already forgotten, do a cartwheel. You can so still do one. Savor that feeling. Wake up with it every day. You’ll stay young until the day you die.

Here are a few things I would put on my personal list:

Don’t discourage yourself or let others discourage you. Perseverance often beats talent.

Being nice and being fair doesn’t mean letting the other person win/sacrificing yourself.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What would you tell your younger self?