Don’t Call Me “Hon”! Does this strike a chord with anyone? People don’t know you. They may take your order at a restaurant, blow dry your hair or do your nails, weigh you in at the doctor’s or cash you out at the grocery store. Yet they call you “hon” or “sweetie.”

I imagine my hand rising to smack some sense into these people. Yet I say nothing. Maybe they mean well. Maybe they are being condescending. Maybe they are trying to feel superior. I thought it might be an age thing, someone thinks you are over 50 so  that gives them the right to use such familiar diminutives (now there’s a word I haven’t used in a while), but I just saw a Facebook post by a friend who is in her mid thirties surprised that a waiter half her age had the audacity to call her “hon.”

I work with a lot of people the ages of my children. And I sometimes am tempted to call someone I’ve developed affection for “hon.” I resist the impulse. They deserve my respect as professional co-workers. I am NOT their mother. They aren’t my little sweeties.

So what goes with this? Does it bother anyone else? Should we rise up and say something? Where are the etiquette police?