This afternoon Chicago was a city of hobblets. People who had just finished running the Chicago Marathon (32,000+ registered) were hobbling around town holding their foil blankets close against the wind.  It was a gorgeous day for running with the temperature in the mid 40s, sunshine and maybe a bit too much wind, but still better than the rain or horrid heat of previous marathons.

Handsome Hunk and I were taking books back to the library and decided to swing by the finish line where people were still pouring in at a 7-hour finish time. I watched them and welled up with tears. It’s just plain inspiring. I’ve run a 10-mile race and my husband has run two half-marathons, so we have an inkling of how gratifying it must feel to finish 26.2 miles after so many months of dedication and hard work. It’s also uplifting to see that the participants were all shapes, sizes and ages—people just like us.

I hope all the marathon runners are celebrating with their feet up, getting some well-deserved TLC and feeling very, very good about themselves.  At our house the homemade chili is simmering on our stove and my glass of wine is within arms reach. It’s a pretty terrific Sunday in the city. How did you spend your day?