We had a last minute reprieve from going to the land of the effusive, though I do regret I won’t be seeing some of our close friends. But since I took the day off, I’ve been happily playing around our place this morning. So far, so fun!

Last week I finished the paintings I had in progress so it was high time to clean the studio. When I’m in the flow, I somehowDSCF2030 manage to paint amid the chaos that accumulates as I work. I’ve always been oblivious to how much paint I get on me until I glance in the mirror and see it streaked across my face or see blotches of color in the bathtub that have come from my feet. Let’s face it, I am not known for being a neatnik. When I was younger I applauded the needlepoint pillows I saw that proclaimed, “A clean house is the sign of a life misspent,” and similar sayings about creative messes.

After cleaning up the studio, I used the wax scrapings from previous paintings to prime several boards for new paintings. It’s too expensive to just toss all that wax like I used to do before that dim light bulb in my head came on with an aha! thought.

Little things excite me. I had the fun of christening my new heat gun that I got from Ace Hardware online. SO MUCH BETTER than the little one I had from the art store. It has different tips that can be used as diffusers and different heat and blow settings that allow me to have more control. Since it’s larger, it also saves time fusing the wax. And at least with the flat diffuser I tried today, I’ve noticed that I can eliminate those little pits in the wax that are a bugaboo for encaustic painters.


I love the way my heat palette looked with old wax on it:


DSCF2032After taking the studio pictures, I had my camera in hand and took these shots of our mantle with a little collection of white ceramic vases I display from time to time. The sensual shapes, slight variations of monochromatic colors and different sheens please me.


Now, I’m going to grab an umbrella and walk to the library to pick up a few books I have on hold. Has anyone read any of these?

The Girl Who Played with Fire
On Moving: A Writer’s Meditation on New Houses, Old Haunts, and Finding Home Again
Olive Kitteridge
How We Decide
You or Someone Like You: A Novel

If you’d like to share any reviews of books you’re reading and photos of your studio/creative space, please send them to me for a future post!.

Summer is fleeting. I hope you grab some of it this weekend!