Encaustic Painting, 24"x24"

Encaustic Painting, 24"x24"

Whan the sunne shynth make hey.
[1546 J. Heywood Dialogue of Proverbs i. iii. A4]

I’m in full commiseration mode with farmers who prefer to go swimming, write a story or finish a woodworking project in the barn instead of heading out to the pasture to make hay on a sunny day.

My consulting gig ended last Friday and though we can use the income, I was craving the time back in my studio. Not to be. They have another job they want me for that will last through the end of September. I smiled and said, “certainly,” but inside I was deeply despondent. It’s a fast-paced agency environment, and longish days that tend to sap me of energy. It’s difficult to then come home and spend time in the studio painting. My morning boot camp that gets my blood flowing three times a week will probably have to fall by the wayside too. If possible, I am going to try carve out time here and there if the project allows and not work full days.

Sunday started off with gnashing of teeth. Trust me, no one can be pissier during a computer problem than me. It took almost two hours to fix it, including an online chat with tech support. Enter handsome hunk. To dispel the bad energy that had descended on our abode, he dragged me out of the condo to see the Human Rhythm Project at Millennium Park. I’ve always wanted to be a dancer. On the way we couldn’t resist the fun of shadow-voguing.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I belong to the Encaustic Art group on Facebook and they are having a “Summer Art Challenge.” I entered three of my pieces. I think they have about 233 pieces posted now and the people in the group are voting. Each of my pieces has received votes: this is a real mental boost and makes me feel happy that other artists see value in my work. I just finished up another two encaustics. The one at the top of the post is one you haven’t seen yet.

Now, it’s Monday. The sun is shining. Time to make hay.