In the 60s my Mom made me a suit in the style that Jackie O wore the day President Kennedy was killed. Jackie was an enigmatic fashion icon. And, over my bed was a large poster of Marlon Brando on a motorcyle (The Beatles were on the other wall). I saw all his movies and loved his nose.

In the 70s, I wore my hair like Farrah’s for several of the weddings I was a bridesmaid for back in the day. Back then my hair more or less did what I wanted it to. I also lusted for a period of time after Lee Majors (wasn’t he in the Big Valley TV show?), Farrah’s one-time husband.

In the 80s I danced and aerobicized to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. He was incredibly talented and had what I would call sleaze appeal (hard to explain sleaze appeal so I’ll just leave it at that). Thriller is still one of my all-time favorite albums.

News today: Farrah dead of cancer. Michael dead of cardiac arrest. Jackie O had a fling with Brando in the 60s.