Robyn at Art Propelled suggested that I might enjoy the book, The Well of Creativity, a series of interviews with Julia Cameron, Isabel Allende and others. When I couldn’t sleep last night, I turned the light on and noticed it sitting in the pile of books I’d picked up from the library. My husband calls the area on my side of the bed trashy. Books heaped in piles. Magazine articles ripped out. And NYT’s crossword puzzles in various stages of completion. I confess that I really relish being up alone (with my husband asleep next to me) in the night reading—I feel like a little kid doing something I shouldn’t.

We all know there is no secret formula to creativity, but it’s stimulating to read about how other people try to explain it and how they experience it. Here are a few of the notes I jotted down from the book that I thought I’d share:

● The secret to manifesting creativity: perseverance, persistence and patience. Overall a tenacity of spirit and a capacity to stick to it.

● Realize the potential of each moment and allow whatever wants to happen simply to emerge.

● Creative people exhibit sheer joy and exhilaration in just the act of doing. Motivation and curiosity also are common traits.

● A sense of play and adventure seem common to most creative persons. It is loving what you do plus finding meaning and purpose in your work that feeds the creative process.

Divergent thinking is a key to creativity. Be surprised by something each day. When your interest is sparked, follow it. Nurture your own creativity.

There are no revelations here, but sometimes I need these little reminders and motivations to inspire me.