Move over Sally Field, whatever drug you’ve been hawking in the commercials that I haven’t paid much attention to is probably the one I’ll be taking soon. That gnarly beast, age, continues to throw her curves at me. Just when I’m done reeling from one change, another comes hurtling my way. Ok. I’m being melodramatic. But I am bummed about a bone scan I had recently that shows some thinning in the spine according to my doctor who called yesterday. I eat right, run, walk, weight train, take vitamins, and I gave up diet soda a few years ago. Even with my genetic predisposition to this given my northern European background, I thought somehow doing the right things would help me escape it. No such luck. So, I’ll meet with my doctor and we’ll strategize after I do some research on my own. I don’t know why this news has thrown me for such a loop, but I skipped boot camp this morning to brood about it.

In a more cheerful vein, another blog, What Possessed Me, put me on to this Flickr photo stream by Fiona Watson. You might enjoy clicking through it when you have a few minutes. I’m always amazed and heartened by people’s creativity and glad that we now have the tools to share it.

Unwritten book page 4: still life with a molecule

Unwritten book page 4: still life with a molecule

Parasol magazine has another issue of inspiration for you to download and enjoy.


And last but definitely not least, the sun is shining here and the temps are moving up. We’ll be heading out to Summerdance tonight, and I plan to share photos later this weekend of the sites and sounds of summer in the city—my favorite time of year. I’m feeling better already! Happy weekend.