I couldn’t believe it the other day when my husband brought home this bit of paper he picked up a few blocks away from our place. He’s a scavenger for found objects just like me. It’s a little marker sketch drawn on a post office label that says: Art is Hard, Don’t Fret.

This little find seems karmic for me at this point. Breaking my “losing” streak, I actually made it down the hallway, all twenty feet of it, into my studio this past week and completed an encaustic painting to get the feel of the wax again.

24"x24" Encaustic

24"x24" Encaustic

I’ve found it surprisingly helpful to employ some of the ritual techniques that were discussed in the Twyla Tharp book I reviewed in a previous post. Now each day, I walk into my studio, turn on music and stretch or dance. Then I decide what color I feel that day and document it. One day I was “puddles of pink” which sounds a bit Pepto-Bismolish and nauseating now…but hey, I was going with the flow. Trying new things. I’ve also started writing down a mission statement for each painting to provide guidance when I need it. I feel very optimistic about art and life in general these days. Happy weekend!