Illinois’ disgraced Governor, Rod Blagojevich is becoming ever more pathetic and delusional. It’s easy to think there’s something seriously wrong with the man when you hear him talk to reporters. In the past week, life-size graffiti of him in his running suit has appeared around Chicago, including a location very near to our home. I’ve always admired most graffiti art- at least the type that is thoughtful and artistic. In an effort to combat the trashy graffiti that scars some cities, it’s illegal for stores to sell spray paint in Chicago.

In addition to the “Run Rod Run” graffiti, I thought I would share other graffiti photos. During a recent trip to Prague, Czech Republic, my husband and I took more photos of graffiti than the magnificent old buildings. In fact, we made these into note cards as Christmas gifts last year.

Portion of the Lennon Wall graffiti (the wall with graffiti is 40 feet long or more and about 10 feet high) started after John Lennon’s death, Prague:


I researched the one below, and this graffiti seems to have appeared in other European cities too:





This is actually a torn poster over a poster, over a poster…etc:


And this final photo was taken in Chicago: