Sewing a dress is like riding a bike—it easily comes back to you. I’ve dabbled a bit throughout the years and made throw pillows, some clothes for the kids when they were toddlers and a reversible bedspread (so I can change décor when the mood strikes). About a year ago, I got bitten by the sewing bug and made a dress that I wore to a wedding in Washington, DC. I borrowed my mom’s machine and went looking for fabric. I have to say, the pickings are pretty slim even in a big city. The pattern was a simple sheath style and I endeddscf12611 up buying a silk print fabric that I felt was so-so. In the end, I was fairly pleased with the dress and proud that I hadn’t lost my touch. Now I’m itching to sew again.

My mother is a seamstress extraordinaire and she sewed like crazy for herself and her kids. I remember once she made dresses and coats for us to wear on Easter. She stayed up all night to finish them and was too tired to go to church herself. And, Mom says that she was sometimes mortified to see straight pins or basting still in our clothes when we were out somewhere.

I had a gorgeous kilt made of plaid wool from Stewart’s in Birmingham, Michigan. It was THE PLACE to go— two stories of fabulous fabrics. We’d choose patterns and buy yards of fabrics, and we excused our spree by telling Dad how much money we were saving by sewing our own clothes! He didn’t always buy that argument and I think sometimes got weary of seeing fabric, pins and patterns strewn about the house.

As a teen I became less enamored of the things I made—so much easier to try clothes on in a store and know you liked them and that they fit. Plus shopping was becoming the great American past time and sewing your own clothes started to seem a bit tacky and old-fashioned.

Now sewing is popular again, possibly due to Project Runway. Personally, I see it as another creative outlet, a chance to wear something unique, plus it can be difficult to find appealing, stylish clothes in the stores when you’re over 50. Now, I just need to find a fabric store with fabric that inspires me…maybe a trip to NYC is in my future. Or maybe some terrific fabric stores will open again if sewing continues to gain popularity. Have you made clothes for yourself? Where do you shop for fabrics?

PS. Project Runway is now casting for Season 7 and will be holding invite only calls Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle. The deadline to receive applications is April 24th. For more information click here.