dscf0908There were a lot of nice things I noticed about today as I walked to my consulting gig. I wasn’t shivering or clinging for dear life to an inverted umbrella. I actually took the longer more scenic route, taking my time and inhaling the promise of spring in the air. And later in the day while I was running on the treadmill, I had the pleasure of seeing President Obama’s news conference at the end of the G-20 Summit.

It’s a new day for me. No more cringe factor. No more hiding in the bedroom with the door closed as my husband watched GW’s Presidential addresses on TV because my blood pressure escalated just looking at him and his wry-choked-on-a-canary grin—much less having to actually listen to him and what he was saying.

During GW’s first term I attended a seminar that featured a panel of five or six Newsweek journalists – I recall Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas being there. My question to them, and I was totally sincere because I thought I had to be missing something positive about then President Bush, was, “All of you cover politics, can you tell me something about President Bush that will help me sleep at night?” There were chuckles all around, and almost everyone on the panel passed on answering the question. One person weakly put forth, “Well, he has some smart people on his team…” It came back to the moderator Evan Thomas, I think, who looked at me and said, “I have one word for you—Nyquil.”

I felt proud today as I watched Obama’s news conference and the video clips from the past few days. Our President is thoughtful in his speech, conciliatory in his attitude and above all you can’t miss that he is extremely intelligent. He’s charming, serious and yet has an easy sense of humor. Michelle isn’t too shabby either. It’s a pleasure to see her so enthusiastic and obviously relishing her new role.

Will there be missteps by Obama and his team? There have been and there will be more. But there isn’t too much in this world that is black and white, no magic wand to wave. Particularly given the heinous heap of crap Obama inherited from his predecessor. I marvel at and feel disgusted by people in the GOP who actually wish Obama ill, and want him to fail. Where do their loyalties lie, with their party or the people of our nation and the world?

Photo: Election night 2008, Grant Park