Anne, my friend from South Africa writes:

I sometimes worry about global warming and climate changes that are being experienced world wide. After working with internationals from America and Europe, I am amazed that no one seems to use nature to dry their laundry. Everyone insists on using a tumble dryer regardless of the weather conditions.  In the Southern hemisphere, and I can only speak from a South African perspective, we use the wind and sun to dry our clothes in summer and dryers are used in winter only in rainy conditions.  We use washing lines outside to dry our clothes.  This does not appear to be the norm in the Northern Hemisphere even though they have wonderful summers.  Imagine every household chewing energy and contributing to this problem when it is totally avoidable at least for half of the year.

Anne, I don’t remember that from when we lived there in the 70s. But then maybe it was because we were still hanging clothes on the line in good weather back here in the states and it was nothing that would have caught my attention as out of the ordinary. I’ll have to ask my Mom. My son lives in Prague and though they all have mini-washers in their apartments, there are no dryers. He hangs his clothes to dry inside his apartment. Maybe it is an ecological thing for the Czechs…I’ll have to ask him too and get back with some comments.